things to do at a first birthday party

Things to Do at a First Birthday Party

Your child’s first birthday party can be as straightforward or elaborate as you desire, and these expert hacks will make the event unforgettable for both guests and themselves.

Make an adorable keepsake by having children paint their hands and feet using washable paint for a keepsake that you can frame and display at home or the event location.

Dance Party

Dance parties are an engaging way for toddlers to release energy while celebrating a birthday boy or girl. Even an easy game like musical chairs with your baby as the star will amuse everyone for hours!

Make this first birthday idea extra easy on yourself by setting up an obstacle course designed to engage crawlers and cruisers or have babies tour the room in strollers and wagons. Not only can this event occur any time of year without extra preparations or large spaces, but the significant part is that no large venue or extra setup will be necessary!

Provide each guest with pens and paper so they can write a note to the celebrant, reflecting upon fond memories or offering best wishes for the future. Have them place the note in a time capsule that the child can open on their next birthday; it makes an adorable keepsake that can be opened repeatedly!

Ball Pit

No matter your venue of choice – indoor ball pit or nearby playground – this activity will keep the kids moving at a birthday party and can keep them amused for hours!

Toddlers and children will adore a simple pop-up tunnel. For added fun, add some stuffed animals or sensory balls. Crawling and hiding will become enjoyable experiences; connect it to a tent for an even more excellent adventure!

Cornhole (bag toss) is an easy game that can be enjoyed by everyone – from babies to adults! This exciting activity will keep guests occupied while creating unforgettable photos!

Time capsules are a fantastic way to commemorate your child’s first birthday. Ask everyone involved in their life to write special notes and include photos or objects they want their child to have when they grow older, keeping this keepsake of this memorable milestone alive for years afterward. They’ll cherish this sentimental keepsake!


Cake smashes are an adorable tradition, but they often get messy, creating an unpleasant mess on your child’s birthday floor. Consider holding one another time when it won’t distract guests or other children from taking photos that capture precious memories without anyone getting in the way.

If your little girl loves Sophie the Giraffe toys, why not host a celebration that honors their favorite toy with cookies, cake toppers, and banners? Provide a cookie bar so guests can create their treats using fun toppings like sprinkles and candy hearts to customize them for the event.

At first birthday parties, almost any kid-friendly theme can work. If your budget allows it, consider hiring a photographer to capture pictures of all your guests with the birthday child and frame them to remind everyone how much their little one has changed.

Time Capsule

Let your child’s first birthday stand out by inviting guests to share an important piece of history – their future selves! Ask all your guests to write messages for you and the baby/child’s future self, expressing their wishes and even attaching their favorite photos from the event. This fun tradition will make their first birthday truly unforgettable!

Add copies of original birthday invitations, keepsakes, or photographs as souvenirs in your time capsule to illustrate how far they have come. A current family photo also makes for a practical time capsule addition that illustrates how your family has changed.

Another good way is for children to create handprint or footprint copies and compare them with their original ones to see how much they have grown over time! Don’t forget the pet photos as a great reminder of your family’s uniqueness. Once complete, store the time capsule somewhere safe and dry so you can open it together when your child turns 18 years old and relive all those great memories!


As the first birthday party comes to an end, take a moment to reflect on the joy, laughter, and memories created on this special day. Every element contributed to a celebration filled with love and happiness, from adorable decorations to engaging activities. Whether it was capturing the perfect photo, enjoying a smash cake moment, or witnessing the excitement of the little guest of honor, the first birthday party marked a significant milestone.

As you bid farewell to friends and family, cherish the warmth of shared moments and the delight of creating a memorable day for your little one. The celebration’s success isn’t just in the details but in the smiles, hugs, and connections that make these early celebrations precious. Here’s to many more years of joyous celebrations and the beautiful journey of watching your little one grow. Happy first birthday, and may the memories of this special day linger in your hearts for years to come!


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