About Us

Welcome to Nursery North Too – where your child’s growth and development take center stage! We specialize in providing exceptional infant and toddler care, designed with the utmost dedication to nurturing your child’s well-being when you are away. Our programs are thoughtfully crafted to meet the diverse developmental needs of young children, fostering cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative growth.

Our Mission: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

At Nursery North Too, we understand the significance of your child’s early years. Our mission is to create an environment where each child can thrive, explore, and learn through firsthand experiences. Our dedicated staff, serving as positive role models, ensures a warm, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere. We respect the crucial role parents play in a child’s life and strive to complement that role, providing a secure and enjoyable environment for your little ones.

Classes Tailored to Your Child’s Unique Needs

With six well-equipped classrooms, Nursery North Too offers a range of environments to cater to different age groups. Our three infant rooms are designed to accommodate the specific needs of babies, while the Mini-Toddler groups focus on the development of children aged 12 to 30 months. Our emphasis on individualized care means parents are encouraged to provide familiar items like lunch, snacks, diapers, and wipes, ensuring continuity between home and daycare.

A Development-Focused Program

Routine is crucial, but flexibility is key. We understand the balance young children need between structure and freedom. Our infant rooms align with each child’s unique schedule, while Mini-Toddlers enjoy both group activities and individual pursuits. As toddlers progress, we emphasize essential life skills, fostering a transition from dependence to independence. Our hands-on activities, including dressing, feeding, and toileting, empower children and enhance their overall development.

In all classrooms, we prioritize social and verbal skills through various activities like story-time, music, dance, art, and free play. Our daily outdoor excursions to the playground, weather permitting, promote physical activity and a connection with nature. Our bilingual approach, primarily in English but with Spanish-speaking teachers, enriches the learning experience.

Smooth Transitions, Happy Children

Understanding that developmental stages vary, we transition children to the next room based on their development, ensuring a seamless and positive experience. Partnering each infant room with a Mini-Toddler room allows for familiarity with teachers and environments, easing the transition process.

Operating Hours to Suit Your Needs

We are open Monday to Friday from 7:45 am to 6:00 pm, providing a full day of care. For added flexibility, part-time plans are available if space permits.

Embark on this exciting journey with Nursery North Too, where we are dedicated to nurturing and shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Stay tuned to our blogs, where we’ll be sharing gifting ideas for kids, engaging games, and valuable insights into early childhood development. Join us in creating a vibrant community focused on your child’s growth and happiness.

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