halloween crafts for 2 year olds

Halloween Crafts For 2-Year-Olds

Toddlers love using their hands and feet to craft scary Halloween crafts! Toddlers can use white or black paper for handprint ghosts or create monster handprint designs such as this adorable bat template from Craftulate or this Frankenstein footprint design from Made With Happy.

Make an ordinary paper plate look festive with Easy Peasy and Fun’s creative Halloween Goodie Bag Craft idea.

Finger Paintings

Finger painting is an enjoyable and creative activity for children of all ages to express themselves freely while simultaneously developing fine motor skills. To simplify cleanup, lay out a disposable tablecloth before beginning; when finished, they roll it up and throw it away.

Toddlers enjoy getting creative by dipping their fingers, hands, and feet in paint. They will delight in making their own spider or ghost footprint art with this fun thumbprint Halloween craft from TinkerLab or perhaps crafting an adorable family of bats using both feet and hands as it does here by Craftulate!

Lesson Planet provides another engaging finger painting activity with their autumn leaf art project, encouraging toddlers to experiment with color recognition as they paint each leaf according to their preference. It can also be an educational way of helping toddlers understand color theory.

Paper Plate Ghosts

Paper plates provide children with an expansive surface to explore. They can create ghosts, monsters, or any other frightening creation they desire using this technique – or use the same process during winter to craft snowflakes!

This easy craft is another fun and straightforward way to repurpose an empty milk jug. Start by drawing an unusual or silly face onto a paper plate, and then assist your toddler in tying strips of fabric around their mouth area to form bandages.

Crayon resist art can be an engaging activity for toddlers and preschoolers, especially when the results are this adorable. Check out Mom Brite for their Halloween version.

These adorable ghosts are easy and adorable — perfect as Halloween decor! Use white streamers as decorations; other materials (toilet paper strips, tissue paper, or yarn) could also work nicely for decoration. Your kids will have fun adding their creepy details to these delightful characters!

Spaghetti-Based Sensory Boxes

Toddlers are now at an age where they can fully engage in craft projects without breaking them apart and eating everything at once. Instead, they can focus on producing something genuinely beneficial, such as an exciting Halloween craft that can teach them something valuable!

Creative Family Fun’s simple craft will help your toddler practice his fine motor skills with finger painting and ghost footprint creation, giving him plenty of practice in developing fine motor abilities and seeing the results of their hard work! They’ll love seeing what their hard work produces!

Help your toddler make this adorable Halloween decoration with ease by following Cutesy Crafts’ easy DIY. They will find hours of enjoyment in creating their very own witch hat!

Craftulate’s spooky forest craft for toddlers is easy – they need twigs and branches from a nature walk, masking tape, and googly eyes!


At this age, toddlers are rapidly developing fine motor skills and talent, and craft activities provide an excellent way to strengthen them while having fun! You’ll create memories to cherish as a keepsake of their childhood!

Your two-year-old will learn a great deal from engaging in Halloween crafts this season, from dabbing their hands in paint to make ghosts to fine motor skills exercises like stamping a pumpkin with Q-Tips and corks – they’ll discover colors and shapes as they work on projects while increasing attention spans while feeling proud when their project is complete.

Giggles Galore offers children an easy, no-sew Halloween craft: using gloves to craft adorable ghost hand puppets by Giggles Galore. Additionally, have them make a terrifying owl by collecting small leaves, medium leaves, acorn caps, feather reed grass, and pine cones and gluing them to the front of a small oblong pumpkin while adhering them with googly eyes for added scary effect.


As we wrap up our Halloween crafting extravaganza for 2-year-olds, envision the joy on your little one’s face as they proudly display their spooky creations. From handprint spiders to cotton ball ghosts, these crafts aren’t just about the final product but the delightful process of creating together. 

Embrace the mess, cherish the laughter, and revel in the magic of Halloween with your little pumpkins. Happy crafting, and may your Halloween be filled with not-so-scary but oh-so-adorable creations! Stay tuned for more creative inspiration for your little ones.


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