Christmas Toys for 4 Year Olds

Christmas Toys For 4 Year Olds

Children are discovering their interests and passions at this age, so finding toys that support these areas will help foster creativity and imagination development.

Good Housekeeping Institute experts conducted play sessions with actual 4-year-olds to determine which toys they liked playing with most.

Maileg Mice

Maileg mice are the perfect toys to promote small-world play. Charming in appearance (mice sleep in matchbox beds and bunnies dance on daybeds), yet detailed to every tiny inch.

Cuddly friends are ideal for three to five-year-olds just entering their golden years of imaginative play; cuddly friends provide children a safe way to work through dramas or tell tales from their lives with someone to talk it through.

Paper Dolls

Paper dolls are inexpensive and open-ended toys designed to spark kids’ creativity. Children can create characters based on themselves or from historical periods.

This set features two paper dolls to dress, perforated pages of outfits to choose from, and a double-sided backdrop for them to stand against. Furthermore, various professions and interests are featured, such as musicians and painters.


Magnetic tiles offer children an easy and fun way to build and create. Similar to Lego blocks, but equipped with magnets inside them.

Visual-spatial reasoning skills are essential to early childhood development, and building three-dimensional shapes with magna tiles is the ideal way to hone them.

This timeless set contains 37 magnetic pieces designed to grow with your family. This developmental toy promotes screen-free STEAM learning and enhances children’s cognitive, motor, and social development.


Clixo magnetic toys stimulate children’s imagination while building spatial awareness, design thinking, and more. Their flexible pieces can be bent, flipped over, and stacked to form exciting 3D creations!

The LCD writing tablet offers children a fun and easy way to express their artistic side on trips or restaurant meals – perfect for keeping restless toddlers busy during long car rides! Plus, its handy size means keeping restless toddlers engaged during long drives!

Hot Wheels

At this age, children become invested in TV shows and movies and look for toys that relate to these interests, such as this dollhouse from Netflix’s Karma’s World, which features her character and accessories to encourage imaginative play.

These bright cars will help your child develop color recognition and fine motor skills while they launch vehicles off ramps for racing fun! Plus, launch vehicles off ramps!

Gabby’s Dollhouse

Kids can bring Gabby from their favorite show to life offscreen with this Gabby’s Dollhouse playset. Using her magical cat ears, she shrinks into her dollhouse to embark on cute animated adventures with her stuffed animal friends!

This foldable playhouse includes lights (batteries included) and a thumbwheel to open its secret room. Furthermore, children can make deliveries in its tower and ride on its Cat-A-Vator.

Pop-It Unicorn Bag

This stylish unicorn bag is more than a purse; it’s also an effective fidget toy to help relieve stress and provide sensory stimulation through a satisfying bubble-popping experience. Kids love this unicorn pop purse as a present for birthdays, Christmas, or just because! 

Additionally, its versatile use as school rewards, party favors, or treasure boxes makes it ideal. Just easily attach its shoulder strap for convenient carrying anywhere!

Train Domino Set

Bring back old-fashioned family game nights with this Train Domino Set. Featuring 91 double 12 dominoes with large dots, rules for Mexican Train and Chickenfoot, a dual-use center hub featuring both train sounder and rooster sounder functions, and glitter train markers, all packaged into an eye-catching train-shaped collector’s tin for easy storage!

Children will love this imaginative toy that builds STEM, Montessori building and stacking skills while improving hand-eye coordination.

Treasure Box

Four-year-olds enjoy more complex pretend play, so toys that stimulate their imagination make great gifts. A treasure box allows kids to collect everyday objects, such as leaves and acorns, before opening it to discover exciting possibilities!

Help the 4-year-old develop fine motor skills with this DIY bracelet craft kit featuring two-sided kids’ bracelets that can be layered. An easily wearable and shareable closure tab makes this gift fun to give and share.

Musical Instruments

Children this age tend to get very invested in what interests them. That is why toys that encourage role-playing and stimulate brain activity are great gifts.

An interactive piano mat allows children to create music while practicing motor skills and cognitive development at the same time. Or they could use this fun kit to etch their creative ideas onto paper while learning about different sounds.


As we wrap up our festive guide to Christmas toys for 4-year-olds, envision the joy on your child’s face as they unwrap a gift that sparks their imagination and brings endless smiles. From educational games that make learning fun to whimsical characters that become new playtime friends, these toys are carefully chosen to create lasting memories. 

May your holiday season be filled with laughter, warmth, and the magic of discovery as your 4-year-old dives into a world of play. Happy holidays and joyful gifting! Stay tuned for more exciting insights as we explore the fantastic realm of children’s toys.


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