Arts and Crafts for One Year Olds

Arts and Crafts For One Year Olds

One-year-olds learn best through sensory, developmental, and creative activities. This article provides simple open-ended crafts sure to grab their interest.

Put paint spots onto a sheet of paper and have your toddler use a rolling pin to spread the colors across. It will be both entertaining and beneficial in helping build their shoulder muscles!

Sponge Painting

One-year-olds can benefit from experiencing the sensory pleasure of sponge painting at home; it’s an easy activity that’s fun and convenient! Since this activity may become messy, newspapers or old towels should be laid on the floor for added protection.

Paint with sponges is an excellent way to promote fine motor development and hand-eye coordination in children and teach them color mixing, shapes, and geometrical relationships.

Start by placing some paint spots on canvas or paper and allowing your child to spread them with their fingertips. They’ll love exploring every spot!

Make this craft more engaging by cutting sponges into different shapes that children can quickly grasp with their hands and then dip into paint. It is an excellent activity to enjoy outdoors on warm days as it also encourages gross motor development. Furthermore, creating personalized ornaments from this craft could make beautiful presents for family members or friends!

Card Mosaics

One-year-olds are discovering their world through hands-on exploration, and engaging in arts and crafts is an excellent way to develop creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills needed for writing and buttoning clothes and stimulating their senses.

Use tissue paper and water for an engaging art and sensory activity with your toddler: Have them scrunch it up, then arrange the pieces onto a piece of card in an intricate mosaic design – the texture, scent, and colors will captivate them!

Use sponges cut into different shapes and dip them in paint as an activity for one-year-olds to learn about shapes, colors, sizes, and numbers while improving fine motor skills and providing sensory experiences. You could also try this simple flower printing craft from Little Page Turners; it makes an enjoyable summer activity!

Shaving Foam

One-year-olds must be closely supervised in arts and crafts activities. Crayons or markers could become chewed up during these activities, so ensure they can access non-toxic or washable supplies.

Textured cards can be captivating for children as they add another sensory component to their art projects. Making pumpkins out of it will allow them to feel proud that they created something they can display and show off!

Adding water to painting is a simple way to encourage your toddler to explore colors while also developing fine motor skills and exploring textures like shaving foam. Plus, there’s less mess-up afterward! Perfect for autumn as a fun way to make their jack-o’-lantern! You could also get her involved, making them for friends and family.

Vegetable Printing

One-year-olds love exploring textures, and this art activity provides the perfect way to engage them. Have your child scrunch tissue paper before adhering it to a card. When dry, their creation looks stunning!

To perform vegetable printing, you will require some supplies. Select flat vegetables like potatoes, lady’s fingers, or bell peppers with flat surfaces on one side for best results; cut just enough off that they remain manageable in your child’s hand while maintaining decent shapes on both the cut side and after being chopped off.

Make this activity as messy as possible by providing your child with non-toxic paint, vegetable-shaped stamps, and plenty of paper towels – two essential supplies when engaging in messy painting activities! Ensure plenty of warm, soapy water is nearby so they can clean their hands afterward.


As we wrap up our exploration of arts and crafts for one-year-olds, remember that it’s not about the final masterpiece but the joy of the creative process. From squishy paint bags to textured collages, these activities engage your little one’s senses and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of art. 

Embrace the mess, cherish the giggles, and watch your one-year-old’s eyes light up with each artistic endeavor. Happy crafting to you and your tiny Picasso! Stay tuned for more creative inspiration as we explore the world of arts and crafts for little ones.


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