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  • Halloween Crafts For 2-Year-Olds

    Halloween Crafts For 2-Year-Olds

    Toddlers love using their hands and feet to craft scary Halloween crafts! Toddlers can use white or black paper for handprint ghosts or create monster handprint designs such as this adorable bat template from Craftulate or this Frankenstein footprint design from Made With Happy. Make an ordinary paper plate look festive with Easy Peasy and…

  • Arts and Crafts For One Year Olds

    Arts and Crafts For One Year Olds

    One-year-olds learn best through sensory, developmental, and creative activities. This article provides simple open-ended crafts sure to grab their interest. Put paint spots onto a sheet of paper and have your toddler use a rolling pin to spread the colors across. It will be both entertaining and beneficial in helping build their shoulder muscles! Sponge…