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Executive Director: Lenore Levy Lupie, M. Ed.

Childcare Background

For over three decades I have been involved in childcare and worked in a variety of positions with children. My favorite age group has always been " the littler the better," which was my inspiration for opening The Nursery. I have owned and operated The Nursery Infant Toddler Center, Inc. since 1995. I have worked in every capacity at the center, including in each classroom with all of the age groups. These days I primarily act in the capacity of executive director, managing all operations of the center.

I began baby-sitting in the suburbs of New York as soon as I was old enough to stay home alone. I worked part time doing child care while completing my B.A. in Counseling and Communications at San Francisco State University. Remaining in San Francisco after college, I worked with the prestigious Bristol Heron Baby Sitting Agency.

I obtained my Master's degree in Educational Administration at the University of South Carolina, where I worked in the University Daycare Center with the 12-24 month age group. After graduate school, I worked in several different schools honing my administrative, supervisory and management skills.

I worked for six years with Mother Goose Sitter service in Westchester county, New York. When employed by agencies I was an on-call childcare giver, predominantly in the home setting. Some assignments entailed full charge of children, requiring live-in help while parents were out of town. Occasionally I provided group childcare for several hours during a wedding, business meeting or other event that offered childcare to its attendees. Knowing my love for the littlest ones, all the agencies gave me jobs with babies whenever possible. Working in all these situations, required me to be very adaptable to different children and different settings. It also exposed me to the variety of approaches that people use to rear children.

During this time I also had the amazing experience of being a foster mother. I was responsible for every aspect of care for a newborn baby. It was my first experience as a full time mom, and it was incredibly rewarding.

Prior to opening The Nursery I specialized as a newborn baby nurse for Plaza Nurses on Long Island. A baby nurse is a person who meets new parents when they come home from the hospital to teach new parents how to take care of their infant and instill confidence in them for their future as parents.

I am a mom of two young boys: a toddler and a Pre-schooler. My sons have each attended The Nursery since infancy. This has helped me improve the center by looking through a parent's eyes, in addition to that of the director's.

My knowledge of childcare is gathered from pediatricians, teachers, mothers, and grandmothers, as well as reading a great deal. Being in different settings with different babies all the time has given me vast experience with a variety of children. I have encountered nearly every imaginable situation (including medical emergencies). I have never met a baby with whom I could not relate or pacify when fussy. I consider myself to be an expert on infant care.

Maritza Griffiths: Lead Teacher, Preschool

Maritza Griffiths has been the Educational Director of The Nursery since November 2004. In that capacity she oversees the curriculum, child development, and day to day classroom operations for the entire center. Additionally, she is the Lead Teacher of our Toddler class.

Maritza's interest in working with young children started to develop as early as age six, when she recalls lining up some of her baby dolls in chairs, and pretending to teach them. As she became older and started to think of her future aspirations, her desire to work with children was still very much alive, and she began to pursue a career in Child Development.

Maritza has a Master's Degree from the Ohio State University in Early Child Development and Education, and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Oakwood College in Huntsville Alabama. While pursuing her Master's Degree, she worked at The A. Sophie Rogers Lab School (located at The Ohio State University) as an Infant-Toddler Teacher for two years.

Prior to working at The Nursery, Maritza worked for Bank Street College at their Head Start program located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. For six years, she was the Lead Teacher of the Infant-Toddler Classroom. The children in this classroom consisted of a mixed-age group which ranged from 6 months of age to 3 years of age. During her years at Bank Street Head Start, Maritza learned the challenge of working with a mutli-age group of children and providing them with an environment that meets each child at their different level of development. Currently she uses all the knowledge she has gained to provide the same type of environment for the children at The Nursery.

Although not fully bilingual, Maritza's Spanish is to the level that she is able to communicate with many of the Parents, Children, and People in the community that speak Spanish.

Maritza is committed to the well-being of our children at The Nursery, and she will continue to carry on our center's 10 year tradition of providing high quality, developmentally appropriate care for the children in our center.

Additional Staff

We have a high staff to child ratio (1:4 for infants; 1:5 for toddlers; 1:10 for pre-schoolers) with additional "floaters" as needed to provide the attention and care your child deserves. Staff members have schooling in early childhood education and experience with children. Most of our staff are certified in infant CPR and first aid. We have some staff who speak Spanish as well as English.


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