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Enrollment Agreement

This agreement is a sample only. An official agreement will be signed in person upon enrollment.
Child's name:__________________________
Birth Date:____________________________


The monthly tuition for the schedule I have requested is $____________.
One month's tuition must be submitted with this contract for a security deposit. The deposit will be used towards the last month's tuition provided one month's written notice of intent to withdraw is given.
The first month's tuition is due on the child's first day and will be prorated for the amount of time remaining in the month.
Tuition is due no later than the first of each month. If payment is late an additional $25.00 fee will be assessed.
If my check is returned I will be charged an additional $25.00.
If I do not pick up my child by closing at 6:00 p.m. I will be charged $5.00 for each five minutes that I am late as of 6:05. Morning only children will be charged $5.00 for every ten minutes as of 1:10, the morning session ends at 1:00pm. I will make every attempt to pick up child at the proper time.
Part time children may attend additional hours or days at a rate of $6.00 an hour provided there is space available. Payment for this service is due when your child is dropped off.
Tuition will be paid monthly without reduction or credit for absence, illness, family vacation, holidays as indicated in our calendar, emergency due to an act of nature, or failure of parents to comply with Department of Health regulations or center policies.


I have read and will comply with all requirements set forth in the Parent Manual. Prior to the institution of any new policies I will be notified.
I am responsible for reading the bulletin board so that I may keep abreast of any important notices.
As per the Department of Health regulations I will submit New York City Health forms.
If my child is ill I will not bring him to The Nursery. This includes: fever, stomach virus, vomiting, colored mucous, open wounds, contagious diseases and other medical concerns outlined in the Parent Manual.
I will notify The Nursery as soon as possible when I know my child will be absent.


I grant permission for my child to be taken off premises for walks and/or to parks and playgrounds.
I will not hold The Nursery responsible for any minor injury which may occur.
I consent to emergency medical treatment being given to my child if needed. The Nursery will make every attempt to contact me as soon as possible.


Full time Mornings Only Afternoons Only Tuesday-Thursday Monday-Wednesday-Friday Other
Start Date:____________

I have read this complete agreement and agree to comply with all the conditions and regulations herein.

Parent(s) Name ____________
Signature(s) _____________


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