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About Nursery North


The Nursery specializes in infant and toddler care and cultivating healthy development for pre-schoolers. Everything we do is designed with the express interest of nurturing your child when you are not available.

Our program is designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. We provide experiences that challenge and support each child's cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical and creative development. During the course of the day at Nursery each child has opportunities to create, explore the environment, develop personal interaction skills and learn problem solving skills and concepts through first hand experience. We encourage exploration and involvement.

Staff members are positive role models. They are supportive, nurturing, warm and responsive to each child. We respect the parent as the primary and most important person in the child's life. We try to complement your role by allowing the children to feel secure and enjoy themselves when they are in our care.


Nursery North has 7 classrooms. Two infant rooms house 8 babies each. The Mini-Toddlers are 12 - 24 months in two groups of 10 children each. The Toddlers, two to three years, are in two groups of ten children each. The pre-schoolers are in a mixed age class of three and four year olds.

Since each child’s needs are so different in the first few years, it is the parent's responsibility to supply lunch, diapers, and wipes. It is better for your child to use the same products at the center as at home. In the toddler and preschool class we provide snacks and you provide lunch.


Routine is a necessity in a group setting, but young children also need flexibility in their day. In the infant and mini toddler rooms we accommodate each individual child's schedule.

Because developmental stages are so varied at this point in life, the children move to the next room based on their development, not on their age. Each infant room is partnered with a mini-toddler room. This allows the infants to become familiar with the teachers and environment of their next classroom allowing the first transition to go more smoothly.

In the toddler room we put a lot of emphasis on activities for daily living. These are things like dressing, feeding, and toileting themselves. This is when they make a big jump from dependence to independence. We offer semi-structured hands on activities throughout the day. The children are also offered a great deal of freedom. Because they learn so much at this stage of life, everything they do enhances their development.

In the preschool class we have more structure throughout the day. We also introduce learning numbers and letters and other simple lessons.

In all classrooms social and verbal skills are developed throughout the day as the children are involved in different activities. We offer story-time, music, dance, art, and free play to all groups. Weather permitting, we go outside daily. We predominantly use English but many of our teachers also speak Spanish and use both languages.


Monday - Friday 7:45 am to 6:00 pm

You may also select from our part time plans if space is available.


Lenore Levy Lupie is the owner and Executive Director of Nursery North. She has a Master's degree in Educational Administration and has been working in education since 1984. Additionally, she has many years of infant and toddler care experience in varied settings. Nursery North is Ms. Lupie’s second daycare center. She started The Nursery Infant Toddler Center in Washington Heights in 1995.

Our Educational Director has a degree in Early Childhood Education. We have a high staff to child ratio (1:4 for infants; 1:5 for toddlers), 1:10 for pre-schoolers) with additional “floaters” as needed to provide the attention and care your child deserves. Most of our staff are certified in infant and child CPR and first aid.


Parents are encouraged to confer with the staff as often as needed. We offer support for parents through a library of video tapes and books. A newsletter is published to keep parents abreast of center and child related issues.


Infants and Mini Toddlers    $400
Children over 3$300

For information on part-time fees speak to the Executive Director. We offer sibling discounts.
NOTE: HRA checks and Agency for Child Development Vouchers are accepted.


You may arrange to visit Nursery North for a tour by calling to set up an individualized appointment. Once your child is enrolled, you are welcome to visit at any time and we encourage you to do so.


Nursery North is licensed by the New York City Department of Health, Bureau of Day Care and works in conjunction with the Agency for Child Development to insure quality care.


Nursery North is located in central Harlem just a few blocks north of Central Park. By public transportation we are two blocks away from the B and C subway lines. The 2 or 3 subway stops on Lenox Avenue at 110th or 116th streets are also close. The 10 bus stops at our corner, and the 2, 3, 4, 7, and 18 bus lines are all close.


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